Dean (Agriculture), Tikapur, Kailali, Far-Western University, Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur, Nepal


  1. Guided 17 M . Sc. Ag. Agronomy students at IAAS, TU as a major supervisor, reviewed about 30 M Sc Ag thesis of Agronomy Department, Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), Rampur, Chitwan, reviewed about dozen of national and international journal research articles, and a PhD thesis of Agronomy of Mymansingh Agriculture University, Bangladesh.
  2. Guided about 25 M. Sc. Ag students from Agronomy, Conservation Ecology, Entomology and Soil Science at IAAS and AFU as co-adviser and 20 under-graduate students on UPA at IAAS, Lamjung Campus.
  3. Visited South Korea, Australia, Thailand, Bangladesh and India to attend international training, crop science congress and other academic seminars/ conferences and post-graduate studies.
  4. Visited about 60 districts of Nepal in different agriculture related activities like student research field supervision and training activities.
  5. Worked as Patron of symposium proceedings, IAAS, Lamjung Campus, President, TUTA, IAAS Rampur Campus and member of about 10 more agriculture related organizations throughout the country.


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  1. Conservation Agriculture, Crop Diversification, Crop Simulation Modeling and Climate Smart Agriculture
  2. Farming Systems, Cropping Systems, Seed Technology, Soil Science and Environmental Sciences

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